Illumination of dark corners gives your home a lightened look for walkways, paths and steps. Contrasting areas of shadow and light add visual interest and depth. All plants and trees receive "a touch of light & quote;, which brighten up your home.

  • Path lighting - Highlight pathways, entryways, steps, decking, and low lying features of your landscape. Provides a safely lit area for traffic to and from your home.
  • Up lighting - Highlight architectural features of your home including columns, peaks, flags, and address signage. Light up the taller focal points of your landscape including specimen trees.
  • Down lighting - Hide your fixtures in trees or overhangs, and highlight areas such as patios, decks, play areas, or any other entertaining areas you may have.
  • Backlighting - Silhouette your favorite tree or art object including fountains or statuary.
  • Security lighting - Light up those dark spots around your home including doorways, areas of heavy landscaping surrounding windows, or provide a visible pathway of light to your home from the street.